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Suisto Cruise 1 h


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On the mini-cruise, you'll see the city center of Oulu from the waters. We'll navigate through the beautiful area of Rommakonselkä, passing Pikisaari, Hietasaari, and Hollihaka, before returning to the market square. The duration of the cruise is approximately 45 minutes.

The cruise ticket allows you to disembark at Hietasaari Seelari or Johteenpooki stops and return to the market square once during the day.

Children under 7 years old and seniors receive a 25% discount when purchasing the ticket from the boat with a card or MobilePay.

We aim to serve as well as possible and accommodate as many travelers as we can. Therefore, seats on the taxi boat cannot be reserved in advance, and we serve customers on a first-come, first-served basis. You can purchase the ticket in advance or directly from the boat.