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Safety Procedures

1. Life Jackets

  • Always wear or have life jackets readily available.

  • The crew will assist with life jackets if needed.

2. Emergencies

  • Listen to and follow the instructions given by the crew.

  • In case of an emergency, stay calm and follow the crew's directions.

3. Man Overboard

  • If someone falls overboard, shout "Man overboard!" and point to the person.

  • The crew will handle the rescue operations.

4. Fire

  • If you detect a fire, inform the crew immediately.

  • The crew will use fire extinguishers and provide necessary instructions.

5. Medical Emergencies

  • Inform the crew immediately if you feel unwell or notice another passenger needing help.

  • There is a first aid kit on board and trained personnel.

6. Behavior on Board

  • Keep yourself and other passengers safe by avoiding running and sudden movements.

  • Use handrails when moving around the boat.

7. Weather Changes

  • If the weather changes, listen to the crew's instructions and move to a sheltered area if necessary.

8. Waste Management

  • Keep all trash and waste in the boat's waste bins.

  • Do not throw anything into the sea.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a safe trip!