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Rent the Luotobiili, Experience Hailuoto, and Be Part of an Artwork!

Luotobiili is now available for rent. Reserve it for your next adventure and experience the island from a whole new perspective.

What is Luotobiili?

Luotobiili is a unique rental car painted by Oulu-based artist Susanna Sivonen. This car is not just a means of transport but a moving piece of art that showcases the breathtaking nature and culture of Hailuoto. The car is designed to provide travelers with both a practical vehicle and an aesthetic experience.


The Luotobiili project is a collaboration with local entrepreneurs who have supported the project. You can find their logos and QR codes on the car's side or dashboard – scan the codes to get more information and special offers!

How to Book and Rent Luotobiili

  1. Booking: Make a reservation at Sea Oulu's online store. By booking the car, you accept these rental terms.

  2. Driver Requirements: The driver/renter must be over 21 years old. There is an additional fee for an extra driver.

  3. Driving Limits: The car may only be driven on public roads. It is not allowed on ferries or off the island, nor can it tow a trailer.

  4. Cancellation: Cancellation fee is €25 per occurrence.

  5. Pickup and Return: Pickup and return location is at Hailuoto Huikku port.

  6. Keys: The car door has a remote-controlled lockbox. You will receive the code after payment. When returning the car, place the key back in the lockbox.

  7. Fuel: Fuel is not included in the price. The car is handed over with a full tank (E95 gasoline). The renter must return the car with a full tank.

    • Extra Fuel Charge: Refueling by the lessor costs €100 + fuel.

  8. Cleaning: The car must be returned in the same condition as it was at the beginning of the rental. The renter is responsible for the car's cleanliness during the rental period. Please remove all trash.

    • Smoking and Pets: Smoking and transporting pets in the car are strictly prohibited.

    • Extra Cleaning Fee: Additional cleaning by the lessor costs €250.

Rental Terms

  1. Formation of the Car Rental Agreement

    • The rental agreement is always between the rental company (”seaoulu.fi”) and the person signing the rental agreement or the legal entity represented by the signer (collectively referred to as "Renter").

  2. Handover of the Car to the Renter

    • The rental company must provide the car to the renter in operational and legal condition at the agreed time and place. Upon request, sufficient instructions on the car's use must be given.

  3. Included in the Rental

    • Unlimited mileage. Car insurance with a €1000 deductible. Fuel and cleaning are not included in the price.

  4. Use of the Car During Rental

    • The renter must take care of the car as a careful person would their own, drive with particular caution, and use the car in the customary way.

    • The renter is responsible for monitoring the car's condition, such as tire pressure and fluid levels. The car must be locked when parked. Only the renter can drive the car unless otherwise specified in the rental agreement.

  5. Renter's Liability

    • The renter is responsible for damages or loss of the car and its equipment during the rental period. The renter's liability is limited to the basic deductible specified in the rental agreement. The renter is fully liable for damages caused by illegal use, towing, racing, or negligence.

  6. Procedure in Case of Damage or Malfunction

    • The renter must immediately inform the rental company of any defects or damages. Any crime, traffic accident, or injury must also be reported to the police. The renter is responsible for filling out a written damage report.

  7. Payment of the Rent

    • Unless otherwise agreed, the renter pays the agreed rent and any additional charges using a payment card, online payment, or cash. The rental company may make a pre-authorization on the renter's payment card.

  8. Rental Company's Liability

    • If the car has a technical defect or other error not caused by the renter, the renter can request a repair or a corresponding price reduction.

  9. Return of the Car

    • The car, along with its equipment, must be returned to the agreed location at the end of the rental period. The rental period ends when the car and keys are returned to the rental company or when the rental company is notified of the return.

  10. Additional Service Charges

    • Late fee: €45 per hour. Refueling: €100. Cleaning: €100 if the car is excessively dirty.

  11. Termination of the Agreement

    • The rental company has the right to terminate the agreement immediately if the renter violates the terms. Both parties can terminate the agreement if the car is stolen or becomes unusable due to a fault for which the rental company is responsible.

  12. Disputes

    • Disputes will be resolved primarily through negotiation. If taken to court, the competent court is the rental company's domicile or another lawful court in consumer disputes.

  13. Data Privacy Statement

    • Customer information is stored in the rental register.

More info: info@seaoulu / +358 (0)40 572 0301